We Don't Do Ordinary
RAI shields business owner salaries and company profits with elite retirement plan designs that provide maximum tax deductions. More savings. Less tax. Less stress.
Who We Serve
Profitable Small Business Owners
Our team gives profitable, small business owners what they crave – maximum tax deductions. Business owners realize more in salaries and profits by making significant tax-deductible contributions, while still meeting non-discriminatory regulations, with a qualified retirement plan design.
Venture Capital and Hedge Fund Firms
RAI designs advanced plans that utilize alternative asset investments in private equity to create qualified retirement plans.
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Our Solutions
RAI defends the egg with custom, advanced strategies combining cash balance plans, tiered profit sharing, 401(k), Roth 401(k) and Roth converted plans.
Highly sophisticated combination designs layering 401(k) Profit Sharing Plans with a Cash Balance Hybrid Defined Benefit plan to help owners significantly reduce their taxes while hyper-funding their retirement plans.
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A Roth 401(k) plan lets business owners increase their retirement savings contributions while offsetting future tax liability. Unlike a Roth IRA, which is unavailable to high-income business owners, a Roth 401(k) does not have income restrictions and can be especially attractive to holders of private company stock.
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Alternative investments in private equity, real property, and tax-deductible life insurance wrapped inside a 401(k) plan can bolster savings and significantly reduce current and future tax burdens.
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The PRT™  is a proprietary non-qualified retirement trust allowing an unlimited amount of funding, where any Californian can self-direct appreciating assets, including private business interests, and receive “true” asset-protection against creditors and bankruptcy.
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QLS is an innovative approach to accessing money from a qualified retirement plan. The strategy helps clients minimize the tax impact on qualified plan assets and increase the value and transferability of traditional assets.
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The RPT is a vehicle for successful business owners to mitigate income taxes and appreciate assets. This plan offers considerable Pre-Tax Contributions, Tax Deferred Growth, and Tax Advantaged Distributions.
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People finance the purchases of businesses, homes and cars, so why not a life insurance policy?  For successful families who would rather have their money invested elsewhere, they can now finance their life insurance premiums to keep the out of pocket at a minimum, while still securing the death benefit coverage needed.
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RAI’s Combo-K Solution
Fortification and Strategy
Our high-powered team goes into the trenches to design a retirement fortress unlike any other advanced retirement plan. We are experts in all the regulatory and tax stipulations, yet we go beyond the basics because our clients want more than standard plan design and administration. They want an out-of-the-box answer. They want to pay less in taxes. They want maximum savings. They don’t want cut-rate solutions. They want a competitive recruitment and retention tool.
We offer smart solutions for high-powered tax shielding.
Taxing Times Require Creative Solutions
Our successful small business owner clients crave premium and dynamic solutions to fortify and shield their income from taxation. We don’t do ordinary. We defend the egg.
  • Plan Design and Consulting
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Prototype Documents and Amendments
  • Plan Policies and Procedures
  • Summary Annual Report
  • Distribution and loan Processing
  • Track Vesting
  • Employee Communications
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Determination Letter
  • Full Compliance Testing Services
  • Signature-ready 5500 Reporting
  • Unlimited Calls to Our Service Representatives
  • Allocation of Forfeitures and Profit Sharing Allocations
Ready to Make Your Move?
Cross over to RAI – Many firms can do ordinary, basic, retirement plan design and administration. Small business owners save little toward retirement and lose nearly half their pass-through profits to taxation.
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