Our Solutions

Many firms can do ordinary, basic, retirement plan design and administration. Small business owners save little toward retirement and lose nearly half their pass-through profits to taxation.

At Retirement Administration, Inc. we don’t do ordinary. We Defend the Egg!

Our customized retirement plan and investment design solutions help business owners realize more in salaries and profits by making significant tax-deductible contributions, while still meeting non-discriminatory regulations with a qualified retirement plan design. Our advanced strategies work with cash balance plans, tiered profit sharing, 401(k), Roth and Roth converted plans.

We also administer alternative investments (private equity, real property, tax-deductible life insurance) inside a 401(k) plan to bolster savings and significantly reduce current and future tax burdens.

Which Plan is Right For You?

Each qualified retirement plan contains inherent strengths, as well as differing restrictions and legal requirements. All can be highly advantageous with proper planning, promotion and administration.

RAI consultants help employers determine the best plan through careful analysis of your specific needs. Among the most important points to consider are:

Business History

Issues such as continuing profitability and cash flow can determine how much you can afford to spend on plan funding and administration, both now and in the future.

Demographic Information

The makeup of your workforce (ages, salaries, years of service, employee turnover rate, etc.) greatly influences your plan options.


Company owners, key executives and other workers all have expectations regarding benefits programs. Addressing these concerns early can result in a plan that everyone can support and appreciate.

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