What We Do

At Retirement Administration, Inc. we don’t do ordinary – we Defend The EGG!!! Our successful small business owner clients crave premium and dynamic solutions to fortify and shield their income from taxation.

We rally around that battle cry

With radically sophisticated and innovative qualified retirement plans with the UNIQUE ability to invest in alternative assets. Our multi-layered solutions help owners create more savings and pass-through profits while significantly reducing taxes.

Our high-powered team goes into the trenches to design a savings fortress unlike any other advanced retirement plan. We are experts in all the regulatory and tax stipulations, yet we go beyond the basics because our clients want more than standard plan design and administration. They want a sophisticated, unique solution. They want a competitive recruitment and retention tool. They want to pay less in taxes. They don’t want cut-rate solutions.

Our full Third Party Administration services and solutions include the following:

  • Plan Design and Consulting
  • Plan Installation and Maintenance
  • Plan Documents, Policies and Procedures
  • Summary Plan Description and Determination Letter
  • Full Compliance (Testing Services, Signature-ready 5500 Reporting, and Summary Annual Report)
  • Distribution and Loan Processing
  • Allocation of Forfeitures and Profit Sharing Allocations
  • Employee Communications

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